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Dr. Hammond Researching Migration of Bermuda's Humpback Whales

Dr. Hammond looks to use Artificial Intelligence to study the lives of Bermuda’s migrating humpback whales.

Using AI to Anaylse Data

Dr. Hammond is working with Andrew Stevenson, whale researcher and founder of Whales Bermuda to study the migration habits of Bermuda's Humpback Whales utilizing AI to analyse Mr. Stevenson’s catalogue of data.

He recently visited Bermuda with his wife, Carol, to conduct first-hand research of the whales along with Andrew Stevenson.

Dr. Hammond would like to observe the whales to accurately assess any challenges and needs as part of the Atlantic Conservation Partnership’s continued conservation work in Bermuda.

Read the full story from The Royal Gatette to learn more about Dr. Hammond's work in animal conservation.

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  • From a veterinarian standpoint, I want to know their health. I see a huge opportunity right now to bring AI into the data that we have. We have scientists here who have 20 years or more of data, and that data is difficult to put into perspective.
    - Dr. Kim Hammond

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